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Today we released a new open source application that can be used to quickly and easily sign new code. Using the Visual Studio code signing tool, this GUI overlay should help you quickly and easily sign multiple copies of code without having to deal with the command line.


You can find the code here.

White Rose Cafe

The White Rose Cafe in Union Missouri is a long-standing landmark in the town. Just recently we had the opportunity to do some technology consulting with them in regards to document management; we spent a couple of hours in the charming cafe with one of the owners. It was a great experience, and we look forward to helping them more in the future!

CoxHealth Medication Project – Complete!

Cox approached us in November to begin working on merging their portal’s old information with their updated Cerner System. Of course, we were eager to sink our teeth into this project.

We are proud to announce that, after only a few minor setbacks, we were able to complete the project and deliver code that would meet their needs. Here is a small list of a few features we added for them:

  • Merged medications from Cerner with Centricity data
  • Displayed the medications in a rad grid
  • Developed a new call for processing renewals and deactivation requests

The tricky part of this project was in getting the correct information out of Cerner so that it could be easily merged with the Centricity data. We were able to write a few stored procedures that used OpenQuery to call a linked Cerner server (thus mixing Microsoft SQL with Oracle) to get the data we needed.

We’re glad we can put this project to bed, and look forward to additional projects with Cox in the future.

Player Retention eBook AMA

We wanted to post some information that we made public in November when we launched our eBook, “Player Retention“.  We took to Reddit and did an AMA about the book right after it got approved on Amazon. The full text of that AMA can be found here, but we thought we would highlight a few of the more interesting questions that we received, and provide updated answers.

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